Specsy Girl :)

Now it is summer, days are long and very hoooot! Mom and dad are getting crazy because of it. The problem in the night is that first you feel very hot, but after sometime it became very cold even if you try to keep yourself warm.

My mother told that I should improve my handwriting. I think I should take that romantic advice!

I hate wearing glasses. It makes me feel like an old donkey! But if I am not wearing it, I can’t see anything clearly. So I am hopeless. I am glad I was not there during early human days, because I wouldn’t be able to see anything.

My most favorite doll is Pinkysha. He is very cute, though I don’t spend my time with him that much.

Dear Diary, today morning it is very beautiful.  Yesterday we went out and came back late. I was very sleepy, so I slept in the car. Dad had to shake me up. At home I didn’t do anything, just fell asleep as soon as my head touch the pillow.


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