I have many diaries like this one. But I haven’t completed them.

Rachana Maa’m cats are always lazy. They love to laze. They will always be sleeping when I pass. Not a single yowl will be heard. Sometimes it just looks at us. It always keeps sleeping on different places. The dogs seem to be inside, because I have never seen them. Actually, I have seen one of them, but Rachana maa’m told that there are two. I have never seen the other one.

Some of my classmates have elder brothers or sisters. They keep saying that they don’t play with them.  So, I think it is a waste of having siblings. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I am the only one. So children in my class keep telling me that I am lucky. Because it is a big problem if your brothers or sisters are big or small. If they are small they don’t let you watch your favorite shows. And if they are big, they wont play with you because of study. Worse, smaller ones could bite you! This has happened to me many times.

One day we had to pick up my aunt from airport with my baby cousin. When we got into the car, he bit me on my back and scared the living daylight out of me! Once, when I touched his teeth he bit it and the ten year old blood went out of me. I complained to my mother, but he made an innocent face and my mother felt pity for him and washed my hand. He has a smaller bro which hasn’t started to go to school. So I will have to avoid him from being bitten. Even my neighbour Samah made it a tornado. She was my old neighbor. She was a baby, but she went to school. Once when we went to her house she bit me on my stomach which made me see all the stars in the sky ! I only told my mother when we reached home. We looked where she bit me and it was looking worse. So I believed she had monster teeth.


  1. Dear Janki,

    Went through ur blog just now. It AWESOME , @ this age to have a blog.More over its well articulated.Superb ! Keep On Writing !!!


  2. Amazing. Janaki.. you are slowly becoming a celebrity in Twitter.

    All the best. Keep writing.

  3. wow.. nice janaki..
    so beware of kids and keep away from them.. :)
    Keep posting more and more..


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