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Enjoyed vacation, no scholar badge!

Today was the Parent–Teacher’s Meeting. Let me describe it; Mom woke me up at 8 o’ clock today. I never wake up at 8; I sleep till 10. So I was still sleepy. I became nervous when we reached school. I had pressure on my mind. I knew I did well but still I couldn’t stop shaking. But there was a surprise. Shaguftha ma’am said “She has done the exams very well. She was eligible for the scholar’s badge again, but since she missed the FA4 (monthly test) she cannot receive it. I am really sorry.” Oh well. I knew I wouldn’t get it anyway. My classmates told me I wouldn’t get it because I missed monthly exams by enjoying in India Even though I am not going to get scholar’s badge, I am happy that I got good marks. So why worry? Oh yes, and 1 more thing. Mom said that I have my reward, which is Taco Bell . I am really looking forward to that.

Holiday news

Only 9 days left for the holidays to finish!  Oh! NO… And to make it even worse, I have caught a cold. I don’t want the holidays to finish. They are so good. But there is one problem and that is the climate. For few days there have been sandstorms and it was cold too. And just yesterday there was drizzling. So in the evening we only go to malls and no parks. But last night, I had a good dinner from Applebee’s .  We had Blue Ribbon Brownie for desert. French-fries were so crispy and tasty that my parents who always tell me to eat only few French-fries because it is too fatty, stuffed themselves.  But desert was best. Blue Ribbon brownie was chocolate cake along with ice-cream. We decided to go to Taco Bell too on the day when I get my results. But that will be possible only if the results are good. If not, goodbye Taco Bell.    I sent a mail to my best friend Eeshta , who is now settled in China, asking her how was China. She replied that China was horrible place wher

Dinner at Bangkok seafood restaurant

“Here we are” Dad announced as he parked the car in front of a restaurant called 'Bangkok seafood restaurant'.  “Thai food is served here as Bangkok is the capital of Thailand“ Dad explained. It was spick-and-span inside. There was a fish tank too. We scanned the menu quickly. All the food had funny names like ‘Goong gang’. Then we called the waiter. “Which food is good among these?” Dad asked the waiter. The waiter and he spend some time like that and I started to feel hungry. Finally we ordered ‘ Tomyam goong ’, which is soup, ‘ Pad thai noodles ’, some beef, chicken and ‘ Halo Halo ‘ for desert. Our waiter was from Nepal. Unfortunately it was a long time before Dad realized that he knew Hindi. And it would have been more easier to speak with him in Hindi, because Dad knew it too. “Hello Hello, what is that?” I wondered out loud, after the waiter left.  “It is sweet of Philippines, and it is ice cream. Don’t say it’s name as Hello Hello. It is Halo H

No more studying!

Diary, I have exciting news. Today is my first day of holidays after the exams! Ok, perhaps it’s not exciting for you because you are the one who gets holidays practically on almost all days.  And when I write on you, maybe you feel like the pencil is massaging you. Who knows? I don’t lead a diary’s life. But the minute you laugh at me, I will tell mom and you are going to be in big trouble because mommy is going to be angry that you laughed at her darling daughter. And so you better watch your tongue. Kunjunni’s exams are still not over. But Kunjichechi’s and Savithri’s exams are over. Today is Savithri’s first day of holiday too. But she has summer vacation. I kind of felt jealous when I heard that because during our summer vacation we need to study for the monthly tests next months. And my cousins don’t need to even look at their books during the you- know- what. Oh well. I guess India and Saudi Arabia have their differences. I can now see my cousins after a week havin

Rockstar Nara!

“We need some money… We need some money..” The song ended. “Good song’’ I said to Kunjunni. Then I did not know what to say. “Bye” I interviewed Kunjunni when I went to India this year for a new song, which he wrote and gave the tune by himself. Its name was “Money”. He even gave himself a cool name. His real name is Narayanan. At school, friends call him Nara. So his “cool name” is Rockstar Nara, because “Money“ is a rock song. I was really astonished when he told me that his friends called him Nara.  Here is the video of the interview: Nice song, isn’t it? You could bet, I was impressed when I heard it. “I am impressed” I told Kunjunni after the interview. “Me too” said Kunjunni. Then we both laughed.