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Riyadh Aviation Museum

School is  reopening  after 2 days! Aaarghh! We bought a new bag, a new water bottle and a new lunch box. Sadly, the lunch box has a Disney princess on it and it is very, very pink in colour. But I anyway figured it couldn’t go worse than that and (besides, most of the lunch boxes either had a Mickey or Minnie mouse on it) therefore I decided to live with it. I have successfully completed my holiday homework and almost misplaced them in my happiness. Anyway, teachers won’t fall for the old trick, the my-dog-ate-my-homework one. Not that I have ever tried it. Now, I can look forward to projects, homework, table tennis classes, and Math’s tuition when school reopens. We went to the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum yesterday, and I have to admit, it was super. Old-fashioned planes of all shapes and sizes were there. There were fighter planes, planes for transporting cars and stuff, unmanned aircrafts, jets, bombs, missiles etc.

Alappuzha Trip

“Mew!” A kitten mewed when I stroked it. The other one brushed against my legs as it walked past. Their mother sat on the ground lazily, and watched the kittens lie, lick and run.  I started to stroke the other kitten and it ran between my legs. We laughed. The mother cat was named Mickey as Savithri and her family thought Mickey was a male cat and Savithri and her younger brother Shanku, ended up naming it Mickey. It was only after she gave birth to 2 kittens that they realized they Mickey wasn’t a ‘he’, but a ‘she’. Sadly, one of the kittens (Chakki) died later.   And when I visited them a second time, I saw a crow lying on one of the electric post. It had got electrocuted.  A murdered crow was surrounded by a ‘ murder of crows ’ ! Even though, that would be sad news for the crow, I was so excited. I had never seen a dead crow. Especially not one that had been electrocuted.      Two people from Mathrubumi came to interview Savithri’s Achachan (Grandfather).  

The mystery of the missing bicycle

Rockstar Nara’s career changed into Detective Nara. He solved “The mystery of the missing bicycle”.  These were the clues: ·         There were no clues These were the notes: ·         A bicycle was missing ·         Its owner was Detective Nara’s best friend, Abhijit ·         The lock of the cycle had got broken before, making it easy for the culprit to get cycle and make a clean getaway. The funny thing is, Detective Nara solved the mystery before he knew what had happened. Curious? Astonished? Impressed? I sure was. Actually, what happened was that Nara was riding at the back of Grandpa’s scooter when he noticed a bicycle near an old house, hidden between bushes.  He tried to remember where he had seen it before, but he was not able to remember. At school, Abhijit told him what had happened. Then Nara quickly remembered about the cycle he had seen and described it to Abhijit. He got an excited ‘’ Yes, that must be mine! How did you find it! W

Back from India...

Hey everybody! It’s me, Janaki. Whoops!  I am starting to sound like Mickey Mouse. You know, like how he says, “Hey everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse. Say, ya wanna see my club house?” And no matter how hard you scream “No!” he says, “Then let’s go to the club house. Oh, I forgot that we have to say the magic word. Misca Moosca Mouse ca doodles! Come on, say it with me” It’s pretty weird stuff, considering the fact that we have to say the words that make absolutely NO sense at all. I came back from India on the 11 th of August, with sadness and sleepiness, because we left home at 11 at night, so I had a quick nap in the car while going to the airport. So, I was pretty grumpy and sleepy when we reached the airport, for I had been having such a good dream. For a sec, I did not even care leaving India, which might have been a good thing because otherwise I would probably run screaming “I don’t want to go back!” to the car. But then, I remembered the fun I had all th