Turtle At School

Dear Dairy,

Once Ameerah brought a real turtle to school. We all were much exited to see it. Ameerah’s old classmates came from other class to see it. We all shooed them away. The turtle was very small. He hid in his shell when he saw everyone, except Ameerah. But after sometime it didn’t go into its shell when it saw me. Many teachers got scared when they saw it. Ameerah brought it because we were learning about turtle in science.

During recess, we put him on the teachers table. Ameerah had brought for it lettuce. When it was the last period if Ameerah ran with the turtle we would run after her. Ameerah asked me if I could put him on my desk. I said “Yes”. 

When there is an animal in my class my friends asks me to take care of it because I am an expert vet. Last time when we went on a trip many of them bought chicks and asked me to take care of it. Some chicks were in cups so they could not bend their heads. I gave them grains and water.

Ameerah’s turtles name was “chotu”. The lettuce was going to finish so I knew I had to think fast. I asked everyone if they had a hamburger, so that I could take out the lettuce and feed chotu. Linda keeps telling that I am a very good vet. There are many trees outside our class. So I asked Sauda, our monitor, to fetch two leaves.  She brought and I held by the stem. Chotu ate the green part. We had washed the leaves before. I asked Sauda to bring more. She came back with Zainab, there palms were full of leaves.

The bell rang and I took the turtle in the small vessel to Ameerah’s bus. She had asked me because the bus leaves early. Ameerah told us the turtles exercise was that it would take a full round around her house. Chotu would go to Ameerah’s mother if he wants to go toilet! 


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