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Mahi Gupta - Inside The Life Of India's Most Secretive Celebrity

  Not much is known about the private life of Mahi Gupta, so I don’t know what to expect when I arrive at her villa in Mumbai on a bright Sunday afternoon. It is painted white, has a French balcony and is framed by a flourishing garden that teems with wildlife. Outside the tall gates, her security guards stand as rigid as poles- a startling reminder that Gupta is one of the biggest- and the most threatened- celebrities in the country. Gupta herself is dressed in a yellow summer dress speckled with white dots, showing off her slender legs. She ushers me through the front door into the tastefully decorated living room, where I am allowed to admire the paintings adorning her walls. One of them is a girl bending over backwards in a tutu; the other a man in the nude, his hand delicately covering his genitals while cornelia flowers bloom beneath him. What is even more bizarre, is how well these works blend in. “My choice in art is quite eccentric,” she laughs, waving at my quizzical look. “I

Kunjunni's music video

Over the past few months, Kunjunni and his friends have been shooting a music video! It was a long process of sweat, hard work and tears, but it’s finally here, and was launched by the esteemed actor Vinary Forrt through his Facebook and Instagram pages.  You can find the video here .. If you want to know more about the lead singer, just follow these links :) The mystery of the missing bicycle Rockstar Nara! 'Atomics' by Rock Star Nara His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and Dubai 1