Trip to Hayat Mall

Dear Diary,

I am going to tell you about the school trip we had. It was to Hayat mall. We went there in my old school bus D2. When we saw Hayat mall, all of us started to shout in one voice “Hip Hip Hurray for Hayat Mall !” .

We all had partners. My partner was Rakshanda. When we got down several other school buses of our school came. We all chatted happily as we went inside the mall. We went to play area where there are different rides. Sauda and S Rabia joined us. We wanted to go on the ghost train, but everyone started pushing so we couldn’t. We then went on another ride where it goes up and down. I had never gone on this ride. Believe me, it gave me nightmares!! The belt weren’t working, first of all, so we had to hold the tube which comes in front of us. Sauda didn’t want to go because she was scared. So me, Rakshanda and Rabia were on the ride. When the ride started it began to go round. Our hands were sweating. Sometimes it would go reverse and then suddenly up and down. We all were glad when the ride stopped.

Then we went on two more rides. They would go reverse and they were fast too!
I then looked after Lynn’s chick as she went for ice skating. We all went to see clowns who showed many tricks which made all of us laugh. There were magic shows too.
We all went to eat food. Nabila had bought two chicks. They started jumping up and down. So I put them in some empty boxes. Nabila didn’t agree my idea of making some holes for it to breath.

When we reached our school I gave the chicks some time to run on my table for sometime to get some fresh air. Then I fed them. Lynn’s chick fell asleep on my finger. I then gently put him in the box. Later I again had to feed the chicks, because everyone begged me.

Now you know how my trip was.


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