Welcome Back Home - June 29

Dear Diary,

Didn’t I tell you that my father went to India for a few days ? Well, he came back today. I made a card for him, which says ‘Welcome back home’.

It’s too boring in Riyadh. I wish I was in India. It is very beautiful there with all the birds and gardens. Oh Diary, all of us miss it.

My father didn’t even seems to be tired after the long the journey and going for long without food. Instead of eating food, he just went to the computer and read the news! My mother had pictured him weak and hungry so she quickly prepared the food, but it turned out that he didn’t. So she had to wait for a long time. Diary, I was that astonished! He kept saying to her that he wasn’t hungry.

My grandmother and grandfather had sent lots of home made foods. They were my favorites. My grandfather had even sent ‘laddoos’ and ‘jalebies’.  As they were my favorites I ate one laddoo and jalabie today. My mother ate some sweets too. My father asked if we finished all of them. So my mother said “No” which was the truth. And I had told my mother that tomorrow she should send me one of those chocolate cream biscuits.  Diary, She laughed and told she would. She even told it to my father. I was a bit embarrassed. 

I had told my mother not to open this diary. It’s my secret. She would never let me down.


  1. Hi Janaki,
    No worries..
    any ways you are going to india in November know..
    So u can enjoy all those.. :)


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