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Yippee!! I met Shiny Ma'am

One of the happiest things that happened to me when I went to India was bumping into my 4 th grade class teacher, Shiny ma’am. Me, Mom, Appupan (grandpa) and Ammuma (grandma) were shopping at Nucleus mall . Appuppan, Ammumma and Mom were packing some vegetables in plastic bags. I was just standing near them when I saw Shiny ma’am. I was astonished to see her and then she noticed me and she looked surprised too. But wait!!! Before I go on, I better tell you about Shiny ma’am. Shiny ma’am was our 4 th grade class teacher. She was like, the best teacher ever. She was funny and really kind.  Sometimes she would tell us exciting information. When we were in the 5 th grade we still talked about her. Later her husband got transferred and they had to go to South Africa. We all were really sad and upset, including her. So seeing her at Nucleus was really exciting. I ran towards her and we hugged. Ma’am‘s sister and Mom was also there. My Mom first looks surprised, and t

It happens only in Kerala..

Hello everyone, I am back! Did you miss me? I went to India for 3 months and had a blast with my cousins and friends. Since my cousins Kunjunni (also known as Rockstar Nara ) and Kunji chechi (sister of Rockstar Nara) lived nearby they came over every day! And guess what? I saw 6 movies which are Thattathin Marayathu , Ustad Hotel , Madagascar 3 , Batman -The Dark Knight rises , The Amazing Spiderman and Ice Age 4: Continental Drift . All 6 of them were superb, exciting and funny. We just arrived today from the “Land Of Coconuts” and we were exhausted. We had hardly slept for 4 hours because our flight was overnight. Our ears popped when the plane took off and landed and it hurt a lot too.  We had ordered 25 books from FlipKart and Valyamma had bought a few for me, so I spent most of the days reading. My cousins Savithri and Sanku came all the way from Alappuzha to Thrippunithura and stayed with us for some days and we brought the house down with our noise. It