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Principal's Birthday

“Hey, today is princi’s birthday!” my classmate told me as our class stood in the auditorium.   “And did you know Diya Agarwal is going to give a bouquet of flowers to him?” asked Rakshanda.”She is so lucky, don’t you think so?” I nodded . The principal arrived.   As we said “Good morning Sir” I had a feeling that today is going to be very exciting. But I was wondering why there was an assembly on a class test day. We were having a weekly test on that day and they didn’t give assembly on test days. A teenager came on the stage and said. “Good morning, I understand you all are wondering why we have an assembly today. Well, today is a very special day in our school. It is our Principal’s birthday!” Everybody clapped. A choir came to sing a song. Just then a loud sound was heard above the Principal. One of the girls in the choir jumped. A shower of colorful streamers fell on the Principal. This again happened after five seconds.   The Principal was given some flowers by a kindergarten b

Cockroach Hunt

Last Friday morning, some pest-control men came to our house. They wore masks and sprayed pesticides everywhere, even inside the toilet bowl! We had to run out because of the smell inside the house. We sat inside our car. After the men left we went out for a long drive to escape from the smell. We went out of the city and for the first time I saw the hanging bridge of Riyadh. The bridge got it name as it has only two pillars to stand on. We travelled through one pretty road. Actually it used to be a mountain, but the workers cut its middle and made it a road. On the two sides of the road the mountains are still there! I also saw many other things. There were some crazy street lights which were on because its twilight sensor wasn’t working. So they were still giving us light, though it was noon! When we went home, my Mom went to open the gate. She wrinkled her nose and that told me and Dad “the smell isn’t good”. Me and Dad grabbed our masks and put it on. We gave Mom her mask too.

Respected Me

Today was really cool! Our neighbour aunt Jyoti from Rajasthan invited me and Niharika for lunch because it was their festival. Nichiketh couldn’t come because he had stomachache. The real reason is boys can’t come as it is something I think tradition. We had a lovely lunch. It was Puri with potato curry plus haluva. But before that, Aunty washed our feet. She first sprinkled some water then wiped our feet with a towel. After lunch, as a tradition we also got chocolates and 11 riyals. I felt really good because money and chocolate jingling in our hands, we felt rich, rich, rrrich! The money we got had to be spent by ourselves. I like their traditions! Then we went to a room where Niharika did some yoga. After spending some more time, we went home, feeling important.

Cool Assembly

Gandhi Jayanti came soon and I got three days holidays! Can you believe it? Before the holidays, on Wednesday I was late for school. So I and Carlie, my classmate, had to stand outside the auditorium for school assembly. It always hot inside the auditorium, so I was glad that I could enjoy the cool breeze and talk to Carlie. Nobody inside the auditorium was happy as they couldn’t enjoy the cool wind and talk. All they got was being hot, a long assembly, plus a boring play. Our principal made a long speech about the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. I could see that everybody, including my classmates were regretting why they were early, by looking at their faces when they came out. This evening I played basketball with my friends in the compound. It was fun. My friends taught me how to shoot the ball into basket. Aren’t you thinking that I am lucky?