Garfield and Nancy

Dear diary,

Two more months and then I will be in India. Yippee! I can’t wait. I called my Grandfather today. The days are going very fast. It’s been long since I swam in the swimming pool. There were sandstorms for a few days. So the pool had to be cleaned. The water was dusty and full of leaves.

We haven’t visited any new neighbours yet. I keep getting up in the morning late. I have finished reading all my storybooks. Sometime we go to Jarir Bookstore to read some books. There are some chairs where we can sit and read. There I read a book of Garfield. Here is one joke from Garfield (Pss… He is a cat)

Garfield put an egg in the saucepan to fry. Suddenly the egg hatched and a chick came out.

Chick :         “Mamma”
Garfield:      “Look Chick, I am a boy. Boys are not mothers.”
Chick:          “Dada”

Now I am reading a book of Nancy Drew, The Scarlet Macaw Scandal. It is a detective story. The main character is Nancy, and she is a detective. She solves mystery with her two friends Bess and George (If you think George is a boy, she is not). Valyamma sent me this book and also another Nancy Drew Book, Secret of the Spa.


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