Outing With Cousins

Dear diary,

We will go back into the past. I have decided that after 20 years I will read this diary which stores all my memories. When I became an Ammumma I can read this to entertain myself.

When I was in 3rd, one day we went to a church. As we are not Christians we stood and watched, we didn’t go inside the prayer room. I was accompanied by my Valyachan, Valyamma, Kunji chechi, Kunjunni and two of their friends. Dad and Mom didn’t come. 

We then went to an old school. I found everything peculiar. Just behind a blackboard there will be another class! There were lots of spaces. Kunjunni, my cousin brother (that’s his pet name, his real name is Narayanan and his sister’s name is Subhadra) climbed a tree. He was given help by his father. He climbed it and then looked scared. He looked funny so Kunji chechi took some pictures of him. He then leaned back and looked us as if he was lying on his bed. So she took a shot of that. Finally Appu (another pet name) jumped screaming, uncle caught him. He then asked if we also wanted to climb the tree. We didn’t want to be on a tree or have a few shots taken or being caught. So we all said NO.

We then went to a beach. There were lots of shells, which we collected. We got many shapes. We are making shell collections, so we put them all in a box. I came back home tired.

Appu and Kunji chechi came with us home and looked at the shells. They then left.


  1. Dear Janu,

    Why are not writing now? Enjoying vacation? ADI-POLI?

    Keep on writing...Please....



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