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Trip to Hayat Mall

Dear Diary, I am going to tell you about the school trip we had. It was to Hayat mall. We went there in my old school bus D2. When we saw Hayat mall, all of us started to shout in one voice “Hip Hip Hurray for Hayat Mall !” . We all had partners. My partner was Rakshanda. When we got down several other school buses of our school came. We all chatted happily as we went inside the mall. We went to play area where there are different rides. Sauda and S Rabia joined us. We wanted to go on the ghost train, but everyone started pushing so we couldn’t. We then went on another ride where it goes up and down. I had never gone on this ride. Believe me, it gave me nightmares!! The belt weren’t working, first of all, so we had to hold the tube which comes in front of us. Sauda didn’t want to go because she was scared. So me, Rakshanda and Rabia were on the ride. When the ride started it began to go round. Our hands were sweating. Sometimes it would go reverse and then suddenly up and down. We a

Garfield and Nancy

Dear diary, Two more months and then I will be in India. Yippee! I can’t wait. I called my Grandfather today. The days are going very fast. It’s been long since I swam in the swimming pool. There were sandstorms for a few days. So the pool had to be cleaned. The water was dusty and full of leaves. We haven’t visited any new neighbours yet. I keep getting up in the morning late. I have finished reading all my storybooks. Sometime we go to Jarir Bookstore to read some books. There are some chairs where we can sit and read. There I read a book of Garfield. Here is one joke from Garfield (Pss… He is a cat) Garfield put an egg in the saucepan to fry. Suddenly the egg hatched and a chick came out. Chick :         “Mamma” Garfield:      “Look Chick, I am a boy. Boys are not mothers.” Chick:          “Dada” Now I am reading a book of Nancy Drew, The Scarlet Macaw Scandal. It is a detective story. The main character is Nancy, and she is a detective. She solves mystery with her two friends

Turtle At School

Dear Dairy, Once Ameerah brought a real turtle to school. We all were much exited to see it. Ameerah’s old classmates came from other class to see it. We all shooed them away. The turtle was very small. He hid in his shell when he saw everyone, except Ameerah. But after sometime it didn’t go into its shell when it saw me. Many teachers got scared when they saw it. Ameerah brought it because we were learning about turtle in science. During recess, we put him on the teachers table. Ameerah had brought for it lettuce. When it was the last period if Ameerah ran with the turtle we would run after her. Ameerah asked me if I could put him on my desk. I said “Yes”.  When there is an animal in my class my friends asks me to take care of it because I am an expert vet. Last time when we went on a trip many of them bought chicks and asked me to take care of it. Some chicks were in cups so they could not bend their heads. I gave them grains and water. Ameerah’s turtles name was “chotu”. The le

I Love This Law !

Dear Diary, Last night we went to the pool. Mother doesn’t know swimming. So she tried to practice. The water was a little too much, so when she started to kick her legs, it sent waves which went into my mouth! I have learned many swimming tricks myself. After a few days Dad is going to get some holidays. Today when we checked the news my father got a nasty surprise!! It said that if parents beat children they will go to jail . HeHeHeee!!! And it didn’t even say that if children beat parents they will be punished. Don’t you think we are lucky?  When I told this to my mother she said “If I beat you and if the government comes, then I will beat government also”, diary, she is serious. Yesterday when we returned home I ran to open the door and got a shock! A cat was staring at me, I screamed and the cat yowled. And we both ran away.

Outing With Cousins

Dear diary, We will go back into the past. I have decided that after 20 years I will read this diary which stores all my memories. When I became an Ammumma I can read this to entertain myself. When I was in 3 rd , one day we went to a church. As we are not Christians we stood and watched, we didn’t go inside the prayer room. I was accompanied by my Valyachan, Valyamma, Kunji chechi, Kunjunni and two of their friends. Dad and Mom didn’t come.  We then went to an old school. I found everything peculiar. Just behind a blackboard there will be another class! There were lots of spaces. Kunjunni, my cousin brother (that’s his pet name, his real name is Narayanan and his sister’s name is Subhadra) climbed a tree. He was given help by his father. He climbed it and then looked scared. He looked funny so Kunji chechi took some pictures of him. He then leaned back and looked us as if he was lying on his bed. So she took a shot of that. Finally Appu (another pet name) jumped screaming, uncle c

Specsy Girl :)

Now it is summer, days are long and very hoooot! Mom and dad are getting crazy because of it. The problem in the night is that first you feel very hot, but after sometime it became very cold even if you try to keep yourself warm. My mother told that I should improve my handwriting. I think I should take that romantic advice! I hate wearing glasses. It makes me feel like an old donkey! But if I am not wearing it, I can’t see anything clearly. So I am hopeless. I am glad I was not there during early human days, because I wouldn’t be able to see anything. My most favorite doll is Pinkysha. He is very cute, though I don’t spend my time with him that much. Dear Diary, today morning it is very beautiful.  Yesterday we went out and came back late. I was very sleepy, so I slept in the car. Dad had to shake me up. At home I didn’t do anything, just fell asleep as soon as my head touch the pillow.


I have many diaries like this one. But I haven’t completed them. Rachana Maa’m cats are always lazy. They love to laze. They will always be sleeping when I pass. Not a single yowl will be heard. Sometimes it just looks at us. It always keeps sleeping on different places. The dogs seem to be inside, because I have never seen them. Actually, I have seen one of them, but Rachana maa’m told that there are two. I have never seen the other one. Some of my classmates have elder brothers or sisters. They keep saying that they don’t play with them.  So, I think it is a waste of having siblings. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I am the only one. So children in my class keep telling me that I am lucky. Because it is a big problem if your brothers or sisters are big or small. If they are small they don’t let you watch your favorite shows. And if they are big, they wont play with you because of study. Worse, smaller ones could bite you! This has happened to me many times. One day we had t

Neighbours & Pets

There are twenty students in my class. I wish I could finish this diary now itself. But I can’t. I am writing an adventure book. I haven’t completed it. My father had told my cousins when he went to India, so they are really excited. Today my mother sent a jalebi, two chocolate biscuits and a 'muruk' to school. They all were very delicious. I loved them all. I was first in D2 (Diary,  I am talking about my school bus). But then my father, me and my mother shifted to Baglaf Indian Compound. It is totally great. There is a large swimming pool, lots of space to play any type of game. My neighbors are Nichiket and Niharika. They are a brother and sister. They are also in Delhi Public School. It’s the school I am studying in. My parents and me are going to check the other neighbors we haven’t visited during holidays which will start next week. There is Rachana ma’m. She is a teacher in Delhi Public School. She has four hens, two dogs and two cats. I passed through their house,

Welcome Back Home - June 29

Dear Diary, Didn’t I tell you that my father went to India for a few days ? Well, he came back today. I made a card for him, which says ‘Welcome back home’. It’s too boring in Riyadh. I wish I was in India. It is very beautiful there with all the birds and gardens. Oh Diary, all of us miss it. My father didn’t even seems to be tired after the long the journey and going for long without food. Instead of eating food, he just went to the computer and read the news! My mother had pictured him weak and hungry so she quickly prepared the food, but it turned out that he didn’t. So she had to wait for a long time. Diary, I was that astonished! He kept saying to her that he wasn’t hungry. My grandmother and grandfather had sent lots of home made foods. They were my favorites. My grandfather had even sent ‘laddoos’ and ‘jalebies’.  As they were my favorites I ate one laddoo and jalabie today. My mother ate some sweets too. My father asked if we finished all of them. So my mother said “No” w

First Page - June 26

Dear Diary, My father went to India for two days. He was invited to a marriage. My exams were there so me and my mother couldn't go. Boy, I missed him very much. But the most I miss is India, I miss my relatives too. But we are going there on November. It will be winter vacation at that time. Well, we have only three exams – English, Hindi and Social Studies. I just love watching cartoons like Barbie, Tom and Jerry etc. They may be for babies, but it is very funny, so even my elder sister watches it. It is my first time writing in this diary. It’s lovely. Well, I am very excited to get my results. Even though I am not sure if I did well or not. My mother keep saying after every exam “you keep telling me it is very easy, but when we get your marks it will become real difficult” (She means when I get low marks) I like writing in this handwriting, its not my real one though. I write them all joint . I have four signatures. My secret one is .   The rest three are     Well,