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Music, Music ....

I felt a tap on my shoulder during the school assembly. I twirled around and saw my classmate Lynn.   “It’s music sir.” she whispered. “He seems to want to talk to you”. I looked in the front and sure enough, my music teacher was looking at me. I shoved my way through the sea of students and went to him “Err….sir, didn’t you call me?’’    That’s when I knew I was in the choir.   He made me stand with the school choir girls. So we have to sing the national anthem on the stage’s stairs in front of everybody when assembly’s finished. Sir’s been putting me in a few things that are involved in music and I think I know why. See, last year I won third prize for singing. So now you know why sir has been totally on top of things. He even made me sing with a few other girls for our school in a National anthem competition. It was an inter-school competition, which means a few other schools were there too. I had to copy notes for the subjects I missed during Jana- Gana-Mana practice. But the m

Changes in my schedule

It’s been nice for sometime, and I really don’t want to spoil anything. Mom says I have to change my schedule from first doing homework, studying and then playing, unless I would like to pop out a big tummy. She said after I get up from my afternoon nap, I have to play from 5 to 6:30, then study and do my homework. And that’s fine with me since now a few of my friends have been coming out to play. I have been eating fewer things that contain chocolate and other kind of fat, since I am trying to be slim and mom said I have been improved a lot. Mom likes sweets too, but doesn’t eat them that much now. I remember that last year teachers distributed some kind of sweet which really tasted like “wow!”. I figured mom might like it too and decided to save some. But I couldn’t resist myself. So there was only a very tiny bit left for her. When I reached home, I forgot about the sweet and when mom washed my lunch box, out went that tiny piece of sweet! But now I can control myself. Yeste

Evening at Abad Nucleus Mall

“Vroom, vroom....“ The auto rickshaw stopped. The excited voices of three children came loud and clear and the adults chatted about cooking recipes. They went inside the spick-and–span, spacious mall. Me and my cousins, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi, were about to have a pleasant time. Aunt Indu and my mom had gone to see our flat which is now being furnished. Then after taking some rest, we had gone to my cousin’s home and picked them up. Now we jumped here and there, our mothers looking at us to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. The mall was called Abad Nucleus . First we had a good snack which contained burger and chocolate cake washed down by Pepsi. Then us kids had marched to the kid’s area, played a few games, and won a teddy bear. Later Kunjunni went down to the ground floor and asked for money to buy a food item. Then we bought it. We were given a spoon and a fork. Our plates were filled with chocolate and we were given a small piece of biscuit and cake. We had to dip them

Free at last...

Exams are over!!! Today is my day off from studying and I am spending my day with the television, computer and books. It is nice but there is no holiday tomorrow. That’s the worst bit. But at least there will be winter vacation next month. After the last exam which finished today, it would have been pandemonium if the lights didn’t go off at school. There was only confusion as we buzzed around. At the compound nobody came out to play today. I am feeling really annoyed. Today I saw an old Malayalam movie “ My Dear Kuttichathan ”. It was the first 3D film in India which was made when Dad was in school. It was superb and I enjoyed a lot.