First Page - June 26

Dear Diary,

My father went to India for two days. He was invited to a marriage.

My exams were there so me and my mother couldn't go. Boy, I missed him very much. But the most I miss is India, I miss my relatives too. But we are going there on November. It will be winter vacation at that time. Well, we have only three exams – English, Hindi and Social Studies.

I just love watching cartoons like Barbie, Tom and Jerry etc. They may be for babies, but it is very funny, so even my elder sister watches it.

It is my first time writing in this diary. It’s lovely.

Well, I am very excited to get my results. Even though I am not sure if I did well or not. My mother keep saying after every exam “you keep telling me it is very easy, but when we get your marks it will become real difficult” (She means when I get low marks)

I like writing in this handwriting, its not my real one though. I write them all joint.
I have four signatures. My secret one is .  
The rest three are   Well, as my name is Janaki I have these.

My pet name is Janu. Some of my friends call me Janki. They miss out ‘a’ after ‘n’. But I liked being called that. Some of my friends call my pet name (which’s is Janu of course)

The parent teachers meeting is after 10 days. I will get my results at that time.


  1. Dear Janu,

    We all are Very Happy to see you in the BLOG! We are waiting for you stories though this blog!

    Gopichan, Kochi

  2. Hi Janaki,
    I am Anand, your fathers friend.. Once i came to ur house...
    Very glad to see u in blog.. Nice work. keep on posting..

  3. Our dear Jaaaaaannnnuuuu,,,,

    Great work my dear,looking forward for more novels,ha ha ha



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