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Projects, Projects, Projects ...

It has been such a long time since I have doodled for you. It is because the teachers are piling on us a lot of homework, assignments and projects. And we have to study a lot, thanks to subjects like chemistry, history etc.  This makes my bag so heavy. Let me give you another example. A week after school re-opened and 6th grade began, we got all the notebooks. 3 interleaf, 9 regular notebooks and 5 test note books were too much. We almost couldn’t zip our bag and after putting the bag on our shoulders we staggered around, leaning on someone or something to regain our balance. And sometimes, just for a joke, someone would push us from behind. And let me tell you, there is nothing more uncomfortable than lying on the floor with a 100 pounds bag on top of you. Speaking of uncomfortable, I am now stuck with a cold. Maybe I got cold because of the weather change, but the climate is getting better. Before Ammu chechi went to India we visited the museum with them. It was the s

6th grade and busy days

Many of Mom’s friends are coming back from India. She is really excited. And when Mom’s friends are around, they keep talking and laughing nonstop really loudly. But since me and my friends are playing, we don’t actually hear them. So that means I am excited too. Like Ammu chechi came back from India and we all spend time together.  So, we had a good time. Ammu chechi went back to India yesterday. But Ammu chechi’s parents and young sister, Devika are in Riyadh. So I can play with Devika. Like I said, Mom and Dad are really excited. I know Dad is happy too, though he doesn’t show it. Maybe his heart is full of joy and jumping around right now because now we are going to Ammu chechi’s home. Some new children have joined our class. They are Ann, Dhaniya, Avantika and Siddhika. Avanthika is now with chickenpox and so she hasn’t come to school for a few days. Mother Nature was angry for a few days, because there were huge sandstorms last week. And my mom suffered. One day mom