Neighbours & Pets

There are twenty students in my class.

I wish I could finish this diary now itself. But I can’t.

I am writing an adventure book. I haven’t completed it. My father had told my cousins when he went to India, so they are really excited.

Today my mother sent a jalebi, two chocolate biscuits and a 'muruk' to school. They all were very delicious. I loved them all.

I was first in D2 (Diary,  I am talking about my school bus). But then my father, me and my mother shifted to Baglaf Indian Compound. It is totally great. There is a large swimming pool, lots of space to play any type of game. My neighbors are Nichiket and Niharika. They are a brother and sister. They are also in Delhi Public School. It’s the school I am studying in. My parents and me are going to check the other neighbors we haven’t visited during holidays which will start next week. There is Rachana ma’m. She is a teacher in Delhi Public School. She has four hens, two dogs and two cats. I passed through their house, before I come to mine.  I love pets.

I already had two fishes and two birds. But my fishes died, because I gave one lots of food to eat and other died because there was something wrong with its stomach. I had named them snowflake and snowball. My birds chinnu and minnu were set free by grandma after I left India. Only the fish was a total disaster! Diary, really it was.


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