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Fifth standard begins

Today finally 5th standard began! It was a joyful day and all of us were very happy. I was the second last to reach the school. I knew that my new class was 5D, but I had no idea where it was. So I looked desperately for a classmate. Soon I spotted Shameena. She is one of my classmates. We decided to find 5D. Luckily Fathima, another classmate, saw us and lead us to the classroom. Our new class teacher came. She introduced herself as Shaguftha. She is our science teacher too. We didn’t study anything. All day we played and had fun. Nobody stopped us. Our teacher was out for a long time. After sometime, we had to go to the auditorium to get our books. We got a few of them. The rest would be given tomorrow. Two days back the terrible sandstorm hit Riyadh. It was very thick that you could not see beyond few meters. We were returning from our friend’s house so it was bad luck for us. Raja and Rohini celebrated their birthday on Saturday. There were lots of pizzas.    They were all pil


Yesterday the pest control came to our house. So to escape the smell of the medicine, we went out for a drive. We went to a road where on both sides there were deserts. Sometimes there were camels, horses, sheep, goats and even people with their tents.   The camels were for sale and were given some water. The kept grass for animals in trucks. There were huge sand dunes. They looked beautiful as they were made of golden colour sand. Me and parents decided to go back. As we went along the road, we saw the king Fahd stadium and decided to take a closer look at it.  So thanks to the road which took us there, we were able to see it more closely. It looks a little like a lotus and is white in colour. It looked very pretty, especially if you looked at it far away. After that we decided to go back home. I was tired so I sat in a sleeping position and rested. One fine summer morning and it was the day to go to school to collect my results. We went to school and found out I had got good


Day before yesterday, it was supermoon . It means that the moon would be bigger and  brighter than before. It also is very close to the Earth. It happens in every 18 years. So while we played, my eyes looked out for the moon. I was getting impatient and it finally came out. It did not look big but it did seem a little bright.   Perhaps maybe it is big but you can’t notice the difference. I was the first one to spot the moon. I had told my friends that it was supermoon.   “Look” I said when I finally saw the moon coming out of the clouds “the moon has come out. See if you can spot the difference”. Everyone turned their heads to look at the moon. “It looks like before” said one of my friends Talha. He is 2 years younger than me. “Perhaps it isn’t supermoon’’ said the youngest of my friends, Aisha. “It is”,   I urged.   “I saw it in the news today” We then went back to our game. Afterwards, my Mom came and asked whether we had seen the moon. We all said yes. Yesterday, all the adult

Fun Days

For some days, since the holidays have not ended I have been enjoying every single minute. Playing games in computer, playing outside, sleeping as much as I can, eating sweets and reading books have been my style. No wonder I could not write my diary for a few days! I feel like I am the master of my house. Every day I get to do whatever I want. I even had a few friends over. Malu and Devu came here. We all played with Nichiketh and had fun. Every day all of us play games with my best friends. Some of my cousins are still unlucky. Their exams have started late. That means they will only end late. I am going to fifth standard very soon. It’s about time I start writing with a pen instead of a pencil. Coming Thursday I have to go to collect my result from my teacher. I wonder how I have done! (Please wish me good luck) 

The Terrible Weather

Yesterday, Ammu chechi and Devika went back to India. They had come here for a short vacation. Since some their luggage did not fit into their car, the remaining was with us. Then we all drove to the airport, including two of their neighbors.   When we were going back home, things went bad. A sandstorm started, along with some rain.   We had bought a tasty tuna sandwich and a hot cup of cappuccino, so I sat comfortably, munching my sandwich. Today, something was clattering everywhere outside and made me scared. So I and Mom went outside to find what the matter was. The clattering was made by hailstones. I had learned in science that hailstones are frozen raindrops. See, when raindrops fall to the ground, if they pass through very cold air they freeze to form small balls of ice and become hailstones. I wanted to see them closely, so I picked some up. Thank my lucky stars that the hailstones were not heavy. Or else they certainly would have broken the windshield of our car. It stop

Class party

Yesterday there was a farewell party at school. We enjoyed a lot. After recess, all of us were in a mood to decorate. We climbed on desks and chairs to stick balloons and decorations.   It was fun. We enjoyed while we worked. Even our Hindi ma’am gave us a free period and helped too. We were all just in time as the last 2 periods came and that was when the party started. Our class teacher, Shiny ma’am gave us each a hug and told how she would miss us. She even took a video of us all. For us, we felt that among all the teachers who had already taught us, Shiny ma’am was the best. We had filled the balloons with glitter and chocolates and when we burst them, they fell out. All of us played games. There were party pops, which are thin cans and if you press them really hard, the lid would burst open and all colorful threads and glitter would fall on you. We had chips, doughnuts, nuggets, chocolates to eat.  A few other teachers came too. Fifth standard is coming real fast and we all