Principal's Birthday

“Hey, today is princi’s birthday!” my classmate told me as our class stood in the auditorium.  “And did you know Diya Agarwal is going to give a bouquet of flowers to him?” asked Rakshanda.”She is so lucky, don’t you think so?” I nodded .

The principal arrived.  As we said “Good morning Sir” I had a feeling that today is going to be very exciting. But I was wondering why there was an assembly on a class test day. We were having a weekly test on that day and they didn’t give assembly on test days.

A teenager came on the stage and said. “Good morning, I understand you all are wondering why we have an assembly today. Well, today is a very special day in our school. It is our Principal’s birthday!” Everybody clapped. A choir came to sing a song. Just then a loud sound was heard above the Principal. One of the girls in the choir jumped. A shower of colorful streamers fell on the Principal. This again happened after five seconds.  The Principal was given some flowers by a kindergarten boy (Some girls in the auditorium said “Oooohhh, how sweet!”), Diya and two senior girls.

The Principal made a happy speech. “I am not a King or millionaire. If I were one I surely would have given you gifts. But no, I am a poor man. I don’t have any money, so I can’t give you anything.” Some of the 7th standard girls shouted “CANCEL THE TEST …..”

“I can’t hear you” said the Principal, “so please repeat that message again.”

This time almost the whole school except us shouted “CANCEL THE TEST!” but the Principal was clever. “Fine” he said. “But tomorrow you will have the test.” We groaned. That means one more day of studying and we can’t play tonight.

As we went back to our class, some of my classmates said “those 7th standard girls were senseless.”


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