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Nasty Cold :-(

School reopened, but we didn’t learn anything, so it was total free time. Eeshta gave me a friendship band because during the holidays she thought of me, me, me … Many of my classmates are still in India, out of 20 only 13 are present. My parents made some cabbage soup because I have got a nasty cold and I can’t stand it. I have to blow my nose 50 times a day.. hacheeeeee.. hacheeee.. I got a holiday Wednesday because of Saudi National Day. Well that’s a relief. I can get rid of my cold, thanks to Saudi National Day! One night my friend Malu came to visit me with her baby sister Devu. We wanted to play badminton but some adults were playing, so we just watched them. I kept my badminton racket and shuttlecock on a bench in the ground. Soon my friends wanted to go back to my home, but I forgot about the rackets! We went home, played few games and they left by midnight. After sometime when Dad asked me about the rackets I was speechless. So I went to pick them. But after some steps

Out till midnight

Dear diary, School’s going to open tomorrow after long summer vacation. That means all the fun has finished and back to studies. I am very happy because I have finished my holiday homework. As I said in my last blog, it’s about time people started calling me lucky! Last night was full of fun. As Nichiketh and Niharika came back from India, we all were able to play well. Nichiketh’s friend Melvin was there too. Melvin is in my Malayalam class. We played Hide-and-seek, Badminton, Football and Cricket. After playing cricket, Niharika and her parents had to go to the hospital for something.   While playing football, I and the others spotted a cat with something in its mouth. So there was a wild goose chase behind it. Nichiketh found out it was a rat. But we still weren’t sure. After some more chasing, when we were talking, a family came to visit our neighbour aunt Coco   and uncle Loy. They had a girl named Tina and she too was in 4 th standard. Soon we saw a kitten. Then we realized t

Engagement at Delhi

Uncle Arvind is getting married to Aunt Paromita. We saw their pictures today. The engagement is going to be in Delhi. And it is perfect timing because it is going to be in November. So hopefully, I would be able to go Delhi and attend the engagement. And it is a good luck because I was planning to go to a few tourist attractions like Qutub minar, Taj Mahal, Nehru planetarium, Dolls museum and India Gate. There are three more reasons. No. 1.   These all are really good tourist attractions. No. 2.  It is about time friends start calling me lucky. No. 3.  I could get my mind out of the holiday homework. Some days back I was checking the map of Delhi on the computer. And you wont believe it, there was place called “kundi”!!! (“kundi” in Malayalam means your butt J ) Dad got five days holidays because Ramadan is ending. So he is really cheerful. We bought loads of dresses and swim suite for me to get ready for going India. We also bought some for my small cousins.

Toothy Problem

Good News!! There is a new Dunkin Donuts factory in front of our house. The workers are just building it. I am sure that the smell of donuts will come to our house every single day. Lovely! I could smell it and always feel hungry. Yesterday was Divya Chitta’s marriage and everyone said it was superb. I wish I was there. Now it is September, only October will have to pass and then I would be in India. Most of the days we phone my grandparents. It is always raining heavily in India. Luckily, in November it would be a fine weather. I am also looking forward to ride my Grandpa’s new scooter. He had promised that we two could ride in it. There is a Shiva temple near my Grandpa’s house. Every evening we go there to pray and chat with Grandpa’s friends. Two days back my molar tooth got pulled out. It was shaking a little. So that day me and Dad tugged and pulled until it finally came out. Then we went out and ate ice-cream.   My poor Dad couldn’t eat because his throat was sore. But my m

Movie, Marriage and Kiwis

Dear Diary, Last two days I woke up early, without even Mom waking me up because there were Harry Potter movies at 9:30 AM on cartoon network. The boy who acts as Harry is Daniel Radcliffe. The author of Harry Potter books is Joanne Kathleen Rowling  or J.K. Rowling. Today I saw Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Last two days were the sorcerer’s stone and the chamber of secrets. While I was watching it Mom and Dad called Divya chitta’s mother. Divya chitta (chitta means aunt) had gone to the beauty parlor to put mehandi on her hand.  She is going to be married on Friday. I miss all the marriages in Kerala including the tasty food and payasam (payasam is desert).  Mom told me that uncle Sanju is going to New Zealand. He is a cardiac surgeon. Aunt Karthi and his baby Indu are also going. Indu is a one year old baby and very cute. I saw her at a marriage, she had two ponytails and was in a playful mood. My GK book says that the people from New Zealand are lovingly called Kiwis