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An exciting day at Thodupuzha

“And it was an exciting day”, Mom finished telling the story to Dad. I am talking about our Thodupozha trip when we were on vacation. We had woken up early in the morning and had waited for Sethu kochamma and Kochachan. They had offered to pick us up and come with us to Thodupuzha because of a special occasion which would happen at Divya chitta’s husband’s house. I liked their house. Calm and quiet, with 3 small garden ponds filled with fishes and a small stream near by. But the nicest thing that pleased me was nil mosquitoes! That’s because of the fishes in the garden pond, which would gobble them up. This is one of the best places on earth. Uncle Prasanth and uncle Mahesh were there too. Uncle Prasanth took some photos of me and showed me all around. He is a regular reader of my blog. He is going to get married in January with aunt Vani. Divya’s chitta had a big tummy since she is pregnant. All grown ups settled afterwards in the living room, where there was a table loaded with

Back to School

Ring, Ring! The phone rang. Ring, Ring! Mom picked up the phone. “Hello Keerthi….. What? …… You will be coming to visit us tonight. …… Splendid!” This is how our afternoon started. Even though they would only come in the night I asked the same question starting from the afternoon. “When will Eeshta come?” Eeshta is my best friend. It was her mother who had called my Mom. At last the time came, me and my parents dressed up and waited for them. I was feeling excited. Soon we saw the light of a car outside our gate. We greeted Eeshta and her family. Eeshta, me and Eeshta’s younger sister Aashika went out to play. After dinner they went home quickly, because it was Friday and our Dads had to go to office next day. School is starting coming Saturday. After one week it will be exams and then holidays in the month of November. I am starting to get a little nervous because of the exams. I wish November would hurry up and come.

Happy Onam

Tomorrow is a special day, it’s Onam !!! We made pookkalam, in the living room. I don’t think it will take more than 10 seconds for the flowers to shrink because of the heat, if we had made pookkalam outside, and today’s heavy wind will make all the flowers go helter-skelter. Tomorrow Mom will make sadya on banana leaves and payasam . There might be more exiting things tomorrow that I can never predict. All I am trying to say about tomorrow is that, It’s gonna be a Yahoo! day J I wish my readers a very Happy Onam.

Book Talk

I love books! Give me a children’s book and I will sit there with my head buried in it. My room is filled with books. Before we went to India, we ordered some books through flipkart . We had given the address of Grandpa and the books reached there before we did. Grandpa was in the hospital for a week. Mom and Granny went everyday to see him. Sometimes they didn’t take me along, so I would get bored. And guess what I did? I would take a few books, march to my grandparent’s bedroom, turn on the light and fan and sit there reading. Sometimes I would read for a long time. My grandparents would take the book away and say my eyes need rest. Valyamma bought me 2 Enid Blyton books which are my favorite now. Dad sent a few more books through flipkart afterwards, and Mom bought me another 2 from DC books while we were waiting at the airport for our flight to Riyadh. These are some of the new books I like - The Smurfs and the Egg, Diary of Amos Lee, Tintin in Tibet, Adventures of

Ramadan holidays and fireworks

BOOM! BOOM! I nearly jumped out of my skin. BOOM! BOOM! My father rushed out of the house. “What’s going on?” I asked Mom. The front door opened and Dad came in. “Fireworks!” he said. “because of Eid”. I had finished my dinner and was lying peacefully on the sofa, watching TV. Dad and Mom were in the dining room, chatting. We ran to the pool side and saw fireworks being blasted on the sky outside the compound. There were yells of excitement. I climbed on the top of the slide, which leads into the swimming pool and sat there watching. After sometime fireworks stopped and there was peace all around, we quietly went back home. Dad’s Eid holidays have finally ended. I just wish he had a few more holidays. It’s more fun when he is around the house.