What a night!

“Kach .. Kch .. Kch” went my brush as I brushed my teeth. I was getting ready for bed. Just as I finished my parents suddenly called me from the drawing room. I groaned and went there. “What?” I asked sleepily. “There was suddenly a strange vibration and the door shook” they replied. “Who would want to go in the dead of the night?”   I muttered under my breath as I went out.

The moon was very bright and I glanced at a helicopter which was flying very low. It also made me jump seeing it had a large flashlight attached to that. “Are they searching for an escaped prisoner?”  I whispered, my heart beating faster than usual. “Maybe” said my Dad excitedly rushing indoors to get his shirt. “What a night!”

Soon the chopper was out of sight. After one final look we went inside.

“Have you locked the door?” I asked nervously, looking at the windows, almost expecting to see a figure jumping in with a gun in its hand.

“Yes” said Mom amused. “Don’t be scared, they are only practicing to drive a helicopter”.

“Oh! OK”  I said, only half-calmed and trembling like the door did.

I went to bed hoping I wouldn’t have nightmares of thieves jumping in and taking jewelry.


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