Home Sweet Home

“Well, he should be here now”, said my father as we waited at the Jeddah airport on Thursday which was yesterday.

We had returned the car which we rented and the man at the rent-a-car shop drove us to the airport. The airport was very spacious. We were waiting for Samer uncle who works with Dad. “He has small kids” said my Mom to me. Children? That’s good! I could play with them, but will they play with me? 

Soon the uncle came. He had twin babies and a little girl named Zaina. Her brothers are Abdulrahman and Omer. They both are very sweet. One of them smiles very much and the other is serious, only sometimes he smiles.

When Mom and I went to the ladies search room for security check we saw something very very funny. A woman had put her daughter down, so the police could check her. When the police started checking the lady the small girl started jumping “do that to me!”. Me and Mom rushed out giggling since our turn had finished.

When we had to wait for the flight, Samer uncle came and looked us everywhere to spot us. My Dad went and talked to him. Then he came back carrying a small cup of vanilla ice-cream. Yum! My mouth watered as I opened it. “Want some ?” I asked, “No” said Mom, as it is Ramadan adults should fast. “Lucky children!” I said attacking the ice-cream.

Soon it was time for us to go. We went into a bus which took us to the aircraft. There were only two-two seats in the airplane. So Dad sat in the seat in front of us and Mom sat next to me. I played with Zaina and Omer who sat behind me till we reach Riyadh.

Kumar uncle picked us and took us home. After resting for some time, we went to a restaurant and later took a dip in our pool.


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