Dinner at Kanz Obhur

Kanz Obhur is a seaside restaurant in Jeddah. We had dinner there last night.

We have already been there once with Biju uncle and Deepa aunty. The restaurant is very beautiful to see, especially in the night. We sat in a seat near the sea. The water was very clear and clean. I could see many stones underneath. Some little fishes swam here and there. They were gleaming silver colour in the water. There were fountains which bobbed on the water and coconut trees which had red stockings! Next to the coconut trees were lamp posts with lamps which look like fire. I was feeling very happy.

Our waiter was from Kerala. He was very excited to see us and kept asking questions. I thought it was the first time he saw a malayalee in Jeddah!

Before that, we went to the beach (the place which I told you where the rocks were put to stop the waves from coming in). The moonlight was shining on the waves of the red sea. A man went on the rocks to wash his feet and hands, suddenly a wave splashed against him.  


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