Crabs, Boomer and Me

It was a beautiful day. We decided to have a picnic. So when I got ready Dad went to buy some food and Mom packed some things. Dad came back and waited for us, and then off we went.

We took a new path, on the way there was the sea. Many people were there. Some were walking and some were sitting on huge boulders which were put to stop the sea from coming in.

We kept our picnic things and food in the car and went down two steps to the beach. My father and I went on the huge boulders and sat on one of them. There were lots of crabs, small and big. The waves were very strong and they splashed against the rock. I was first scared but then I started to enjoy it.

Mom was scared so she did not come but sat on the steps. Dad and I found something small, black moving thing which looks like leeches. They were on some rocks. First Dad went and then I followed, we were looking at them. Then a huge wave splashed against the rocks and came right at us! Dad and me ran, laughing and went back to our place. We were wet, it was a Boomer.

While we were sitting we saw something unusual. A huge crab which was on the rock next to me had seen a sachet of garlic sauce. It opened its cover and started licking the sauce! Some small crabs joined later, we were amazed.

After sometime we had our food, a woman gave us some dates. Later we went home, refreshed and went for a walk in Serrafi mall.


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