Palm Beach Restaurant

Palm Beach is a sandwich shop, but yesterday we discovered that it also has a restaurant on the top of it. 

It is a Lebanese restaurant, this was written on the top of the menu. The food was very tasty there. There was a fish tank with two gold fishes and one black fish. The stair cases were decorated with coral reefs on one side and had covering with clouds painted on it. 

The food we ordered was chef’s special shrimps and Palm Beach special mixed grill. I liked the shrimps the most. The salad was put in a majestic way, so it looked very beautiful. When Dad put his spoon in it I told him not to spoil the beauty!

Palm Beach was there since 1976, so I think it is one of the oldest restaurants in Jeddah. The funny thing is even if it is a Lebanese restaurant there were two waiters who were Malayalees! They asked us from which part of Kerala we are.

With the shrimps they served a little rice. Mom asked if any of us wanted some. Me and Dad said “No”, “Good” said Mom, “because I want to eat it”. Then she began to gobble down all the rice.

After dinner we went for a walk near the sea, Mom asked Dad to buy a Pepsi because her stomach was so full with rice and she was thirsty.

On the beach there were swings, so I went on one of them.


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