The Bird in the Tree

Dear diary,

There was a bird which lived on a tree that is outside of our kitchen window. It had laid 2 eggs. The bird was a bit big and was brown in colour. I used to see it every morning before I went to school. It always stayed in its nest until one day a cat ate it up! I missed the bird very much.

Yesterday was Friday. So it was a holiday for dad. We played badminton, swam and went to visit a new born baby. We had bought dresses for him. The baby s name is Cyril. He is very cute. He was drinking milk when we got there. He loved 2 balloons which were on his bed. He had slept so much. He seemed to be hungry and thirsty for a long time!

I like this diary. It is another one. My cousin gave it to me on her birthday.

Yesterday I had a dream in that I went to a rainforest. It was very beautiful. There was a waterfall and it was very peculiar. You can just slide down the cascade and it was fun, but I slid down only once. 

I could even talk to animals!  There are lots of frogs in a rainforest, so one frog asked me “Can I swim in your swimming pool?”  I said “Yes”. Then an eel and two more animals asked me the same and I replied the same.  There were four types of snakes one was small, the next was big, next was bigger and the last was the biggest. Then I saw grandpa showing some plants to grandma .

Later all the animals I promised to swim in my pool, I and Dad all went take a refreshing dip in our pool and that was the end of my dream.


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