The blue Red Sea !

This is the second time I am in Jeddah and today is the fourth day I am here. 

Now it is Ramadan, Muslims do not eat during daytime. We came here for a business trip. Today as it is Friday, Dad has no office. Red sea is in Jeddah. It is also called ‘city of roundabouts’ as there are lot of roundabouts with statues.

Jeddah also has the tallest Fountain in the world, the King Fahd Fountain. I have seen it 3 times. It starts after sunset.

The red sea doesn’t look red even though everyone tells it does.  Last 2 days we went to see the sea . It was a beautiful sight as it was sunset.  The sea and the sky looked purple, orange, yellow and pink. There were many seagulls. A rat went into a small hole.
The seagulls were heading home in a V-shape. They had a busy day catching fish. I thought how long they would have to fly as the sea is very big.In the night 2 rats came out. They scampered into their holes when they saw me coming. 

We had dinner at Al-Baik , which is a popular restaurant in Jeddah .



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