Today I thought I should write about music because there are a lot of things I can write about it. I like songs very much. My Valyachan (uncle) is a famous singer. His name is Sreevalsan J Menon. He sings Carnatic music and had sung in many places like Dubai, UK, Africa, America etc. He sings Bhajans too. My dad has a collection of CDs of his songs. When we go out we listen to these songs in the car.

Valyachan calls me JaJanu. Sometimes when he is on TV we get excited to see him. I have seen him practicing upstairs when me and my brother will be playing downstairs, and when we want to take something from up he would smile at us. He would be singing to the tune of the shruthibox. It looks like a radio which gives us the tune of the song we want, so that we can sing with it.

Miley cyrus (Hannah  Montanna) is my favourite  singer. She lives at Los Angeles. Her father is Billy Ray Cyrus. He too is a singer and plays the guitar. Miley is 18 years old. She is also an actor. My favorite songs of hers are Let’s get crazy and Let’s do this. I always watch Hannah serials when I come home from school and having my lunch. Some children in my class like her too!  Saanchi is an example. Her bag, tiffin box, pouch and bottle all have the picture of Hannah. Her tiffin napkin was also pink in colour. She has now left the school and gone to Canada. 

Another singer is Justin Bieber. I had found him out in an ad on Disney channel. I also showed mom one of his songs in youtube. Dad has promised  me to get some of his songs in my iPod.


  1. Hi jajjanu
    You have written this so well. My My !!!Now!! who is this Miley!!! Let me hear him . Would he have heard my Bhajans ? I also want to hear this Justin Bieber ..... What are you reading now ?
    Love and keep writing


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