The Terrible Weather

Yesterday, Ammu chechi and Devika went back to India. They had come here for a short vacation. Since some their luggage did not fit into their car, the remaining was with us. Then we all drove to the airport, including two of their neighbors. 

When we were going back home, things went bad. A sandstorm started, along with some rain. 

We had bought a tasty tuna sandwich and a hot cup of cappuccino, so I sat comfortably, munching my sandwich.

Today, something was clattering everywhere outside and made me scared. So I and Mom went outside to find what the matter was. The clattering was made by hailstones.

I had learned in science that hailstones are frozen raindrops. See, when raindrops fall to the ground, if they pass through very cold air they freeze to form small balls of ice and become hailstones. I wanted to see them closely, so I picked some up.

Thank my lucky stars that the hailstones were not heavy. Or else they certainly would have broken the windshield of our car.

It stopped after sometime, but began to rain. Fortunately, the rain stopped fast too.


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