Fun Days

For some days, since the holidays have not ended I have been enjoying every single minute. Playing games in computer, playing outside, sleeping as much as I can, eating sweets and reading books have been my style. No wonder I could not write my diary for a few days!

I feel like I am the master of my house. Every day I get to do whatever I want.

I even had a few friends over. Malu and Devu came here. We all played with Nichiketh and had fun. Every day all of us play games with my best friends.

Some of my cousins are still unlucky. Their exams have started late. That means they will only end late.

I am going to fifth standard very soon. It’s about time I start writing with a pen instead of a pencil.

Coming Thursday I have to go to collect my result from my teacher. I wonder how I have done!

(Please wish me good luck) 


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