Fifth standard begins

Today finally 5th standard began! It was a joyful day and all of us were very happy.

I was the second last to reach the school. I knew that my new class was 5D, but I had no idea where it was. So I looked desperately for a classmate. Soon I spotted Shameena. She is one of my classmates. We decided to find 5D. Luckily Fathima, another classmate, saw us and lead us to the classroom. Our new class teacher came. She introduced herself as Shaguftha. She is our science teacher too.

We didn’t study anything. All day we played and had fun. Nobody stopped us. Our teacher was out for a long time.

After sometime, we had to go to the auditorium to get our books. We got a few of them. The rest would be given tomorrow.

Two days back the terrible sandstorm hit Riyadh. It was very thick that you could not see beyond few meters. We were returning from our friend’s house so it was bad luck for us.

Raja and Rohini celebrated their birthday on Saturday. There were lots of pizzas.   They were all piled up in the front room. We played Uno and listened to music. We even saw a dance in the computer. 


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