Yesterday the pest control came to our house. So to escape the smell of the medicine, we went out for a drive.

We went to a road where on both sides there were deserts. Sometimes there were camels, horses, sheep, goats and even people with their tents.  The camels were for sale and were given some water. The kept grass for animals in trucks.

There were huge sand dunes. They looked beautiful as they were made of golden colour sand.

Me and parents decided to go back. As we went along the road, we saw the king Fahd stadium and decided to take a closer look at it. So thanks to the road which took us there, we were able to see it more closely.

It looks a little like a lotus and is white in colour. It looked very pretty, especially if you looked at it far away.

After that we decided to go back home. I was tired so I sat in a sleeping position and rested.

One fine summer morning and it was the day to go to school to collect my results. We went to school and found out I had got good marks. I was very pleased. So to reward myself I went straight to the canteen and bought myself a nice chocolate ice-cream.  

Then we went to the mall to the shopping.


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