Day before yesterday, it was supermoon. It means that the moon would be bigger and brighter than before. It also is very close to the Earth. It happens in every 18 years.

So while we played, my eyes looked out for the moon. I was getting impatient and it finally came out. It did not look big but it did seem a little bright.  Perhaps maybe it is big but you can’t notice the difference.

I was the first one to spot the moon. I had told my friends that it was supermoon. 

“Look” I said when I finally saw the moon coming out of the clouds “the moon has come out. See if you can spot the difference”. Everyone turned their heads to look at the moon. “It looks like before” said one of my friends Talha. He is 2 years younger than me. “Perhaps it isn’t supermoon’’ said the youngest of my friends, Aisha. “It is”,  I urged.  “I saw it in the news today”

We then went back to our game. Afterwards, my Mom came and asked whether we had seen the moon. We all said yes.

Yesterday, all the adults came out and played badminton. Even my father played.


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