Class party

Yesterday there was a farewell party at school.

We enjoyed a lot. After recess, all of us were in a mood to decorate. We climbed on desks and chairs to stick balloons and decorations.  It was fun. We enjoyed while we worked. Even our Hindi ma’am gave us a free period and helped too. We were all just in time as the last 2 periods came and that was when the party started.

Our class teacher, Shiny ma’am gave us each a hug and told how she would miss us. She even took a video of us all. For us, we felt that among all the teachers who had already taught us, Shiny ma’am was the best.

We had filled the balloons with glitter and chocolates and when we burst them, they fell out. All of us played games. There were party pops, which are thin cans and if you press them really hard, the lid would burst open and all colorful threads and glitter would fall on you.

We had chips, doughnuts, nuggets, chocolates to eat.  A few other teachers came too.

Fifth standard is coming real fast and we all are waiting for that day.


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