No more studying!

Diary, I have exciting news. Today is my first day of holidays after the exams!

Ok, perhaps it’s not exciting for you because you are the one who gets holidays practically on almost all days.  And when I write on you, maybe you feel like the pencil is massaging you. Who knows? I don’t lead a diary’s life. But the minute you laugh at me, I will tell mom and you are going to be in big trouble because mommy is going to be angry that you laughed at her darling daughter. And so you better watch your tongue.

Kunjunni’s exams are still not over. But Kunjichechi’s and Savithri’s exams are over. Today is Savithri’s first day of holiday too. But she has summer vacation. I kind of felt jealous when I heard that because during our summer vacation we need to study for the monthly tests next months. And my cousins don’t need to even look at their books during the you- know- what.

Oh well. I guess India and Saudi Arabia have their differences. I can now see my cousins after a week having fun together.  But not me.  Still I guess I should be happy that I got 2 weeks of no studying.

Oh, I almost forgot. We shifted our house. The new owner of the compound where we lived decided he will demolish all the houses and build a new flat or something over there. I sent up smoke when I heard that. But we had to move out.

So here I am in my new house, or should I say, flat. Bleach! I am in a prison-house again!


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