Rockstar Nara!

“We need some money… We need some money..”

The song ended. “Good song’’ I said to Kunjunni. Then I did not know what to say. “Bye”

I interviewed Kunjunni when I went to India this year for a new song, which he wrote and gave the tune by himself. Its name was “Money”. He even gave himself a cool name. His real name is Narayanan. At school, friends call him Nara. So his “cool name” is Rockstar Nara, because “Money“ is a rock song. I was really astonished when he told me that his friends called him Nara. 

Here is the video of the interview:

Nice song, isn’t it? You could bet, I was impressed when I heard it.

“I am impressed” I told Kunjunni after the interview. “Me too” said Kunjunni.

Then we both laughed.  


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