Holiday news

Only 9 days left for the holidays to finish!  Oh! NO…

And to make it even worse, I have caught a cold. I don’t want the holidays to finish. They are so good. But there is one problem and that is the climate. For few days there have been sandstorms and it was cold too. And just yesterday there was drizzling. So in the evening we only go to malls and no parks.

But last night, I had a good dinner from Applebee’s.  We had Blue Ribbon Brownie for desert. French-fries were so crispy and tasty that my parents who always tell me to eat only few French-fries because it is too fatty, stuffed themselves. But desert was best. Blue Ribbon brownie was chocolate cake along with ice-cream.

We decided to go to Taco Bell too on the day when I get my results. But that will be possible only if the results are good. If not, goodbye Taco Bell.   

I sent a mail to my best friend Eeshta, who is now settled in China, asking her how was China. She replied that China was horrible place where doctors give saline water to cure people and that the medicines are not tasty and she would never enjoy there. So the letter was full of complaints. I wrote a mail back to her that I never knew that China was such a horrible place. 

And my China experience? Well, when we went to India this year, me, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi went to a Chinese restaurant called Mainland China. It was a hard time trying to eat with chopsticks and so we ended up using spoon and fork. But the food was tasty.


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