Dinner at Bangkok seafood restaurant

“Here we are” Dad announced as he parked the car in front of a restaurant called 'Bangkok seafood restaurant'. 

“Thai food is served here as Bangkok is the capital of Thailand“ Dad explained.

It was spick-and-span inside. There was a fish tank too.

We scanned the menu quickly. All the food had funny names like ‘Goong gang’.
Then we called the waiter. “Which food is good among these?” Dad asked the waiter. The waiter and he spend some time like that and I started to feel hungry. Finally we ordered ‘Tomyam goong’, which is soup, ‘Pad thai noodles’, some beef, chicken and ‘Halo Halo‘ for desert.

Our waiter was from Nepal. Unfortunately it was a long time before Dad realized that he knew Hindi. And it would have been more easier to speak with him in Hindi, because Dad knew it too.

“Hello Hello, what is that?” I wondered out loud, after the waiter left.  “It is sweet of Philippines, and it is ice cream. Don’t say it’s name as Hello Hello. It is Halo Halo”. From the way Dad told it, you would think he did research on Thailand.

We enjoyed the soup Tomyam goong. It was served in a totally different way. There was a special type of vessel with fire burning underneath. It was like temple lamp.

Right when we were eating noodles, the waiter brought Halo Halo. My eyes gleamed with greed. “I finished eating noodles” I announced. “Now I can have Halo Halo …”
“Later” Dad said, he knew I always stop eating my main course when I see desert.


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