Enjoyed vacation, no scholar badge!

Today was the Parent–Teacher’s Meeting. Let me describe it;

Mom woke me up at 8 o’ clock today. I never wake up at 8; I sleep till 10. So I was still sleepy.

I became nervous when we reached school. I had pressure on my mind. I knew I did well but still I couldn’t stop shaking.

But there was a surprise. Shaguftha ma’am said “She has done the exams very well. She was eligible for the scholar’s badge again, but since she missed the FA4 (monthly test) she cannot receive it. I am really sorry.”

Oh well. I knew I wouldn’t get it anyway. My classmates told me I wouldn’t get it because I missed monthly exams by enjoying in India

Even though I am not going to get scholar’s badge, I am happy that I got good marks. So why worry?

Oh yes, and 1 more thing. Mom said that I have my reward, which is Taco Bell. I am really looking forward to that.


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