Freaky Friday

Since today is the weekend, we have a couple of restaurants to try out in our mind and one of them is the ‘Red Lobster’.

I don’t know if it’s good or not but my father had his heart set on eating big, fat lobsters so he seems very enthusiastic on going there.

You see, Dad would be non- vegetarian the first 6 months and be vegetarian the other 6 months. Which is also one of the reasons I call him an omnivore. He loves eating salads a lot. But, in the very rare times we would buy ice-cream or if I would be having any fruit, he would request for a ‘small bite’, but by the time the ‘small bite’ would be taken, the fruit would not be seen.

I saw the movie ‘Frozen’ a few days back and I really liked it. My favorite character was definitely Anna, and she looked very cute when she was young.

There is a metro coming in Kochi, so according to the video, it is fun, you can save 20 to 50 per cent of your normal travelling time and more. The metro's starting point is at Petta, which is only 10 minutes walk from our home. Now Dad can't say that we can't go to movies because of heavy traffic.

And in Riyadh also there is metro construction going on near our home. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that I can go to school via metro. But since school is only a 15 minute drive, I don’t think the metro will be near it.

My school shoes became worn and school reopens in 3 days. We did not have the time to buy new ones and my Mom made the dumb act of throwing the old ones away. Why I consider it dumb is because I could have worn them for a few more days until we buy new ones. See, children should learn from grown-ups and grown-ups should learn from children.


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