Thank God, It's Friday!


These were the noises my Mom’s straw was making as she drank the ‘Ultimate Gold Medalist’ that my Dad had ordered for himself. The cocktail had looked very nice and my Mom just did not seem able to tear her eyes from it, even though I waved my hand in front of her eyes. She saw right through it as if it was invisible. Apparently, my mother had fallen in love with that special cocktail.   

I did not see anything too special about it since it looked like a regular cocktail. But when I had a sip, my heart melted for it, and I was drinking just as merrily.

We were at the restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s. When we went to London, we had tried out this restaurant with uncle Sujesh and we had instantly liked it.

We got the main course we had ordered and wow, were it delicious. My Garlic chicken pasta magically disappeared after a few minutes.

As the cocktail was originally for Dad, me and Mom ordered a ‘Friday’s Sundae.’ The name was kind of funny, because it came with the names of 2 days of a week like ‘Friday’s Sunday’.

There was whipped cream on top, fudge, hot chocolate and ice-cream at the bottom. And let’s just say that there was a cherry on top of a fantastic sundae.

But for some reason my Mom did not like it as much I did. I guess she wasn’t a sundae person. She said that there was too much of whipped cream on top. But since we were trying out a sundae for the first time, there really wasn’t anybody to blame.


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