Lunch at Back Yard Grill

I can’t believe this! Only 9 days left for my vacation to end. I am so angry!

I don’t know why the days of vacation have to whiz by and the school days go so, so slowly.

My family loves trying out various restaurants, so just yesterday, we went to Backyard Grill because whenever we passed it, we would say ‘Hey! Why haven’t we tried that out yet?!’

When we entered the restaurant, we felt the ambiance was not as good as compared with Apple Bees and Steak House. It seemed a little dull. There weren’t many options in desserts either.

But the food was just great. I had a Silverado burger, and I could not stop eating the minute I took the first bite. I would have chewed my fingers too if I hadn’t got a grip on myself.

My Mom was going to order chicken teriyaki, but it hit her that whenever we would order the chicken teriyaki, it would always be sweet. We aren’t exactly fans of sweet chicken so she skipped it and ordered a sizzling fajita combo meal.

We checked on the Internet later and found that teriyaki is a Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled and grilled using teriyaki sauce which is sweeter in taste.

We all were stuffed, and we staggered out. We had a tough time walking to the car but we made it. 


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