Farewell, Class 7

Just yesterday we had our class party. Officially we have completed 7th grade and on our way to 8th.

The results were distributed. You could judge everyone’s marks by their faces. Some were looking at the ceiling predicting their situation when they got home. So to stop thinking about the sadness and suffering we were going to endure, we tried to focus on the food.

But there were a few problems as well. When Anne opened the lids of the ice-cream cans, we found out that the ice-cream had nearly become soup. I was like “Uh-Oh”. But the taste remained so it was okay. On the other hand, Alaina had forgotten to bring the knife to cut the cake she had bought so she had to make do with a plastic spoon, which was not exactly the best option but we didn’t have any other choice. She had a hard time cutting the cake but it turned out all right at the end. Cutting the cake was as hard as cutting a tree.

There were samosas, cookies, pedas, cake, ice-creams, marshmallows, cheetos, chocolates and whole lot of other stuff.  We dug our way in. After we all were done, it was time for the snow sprays and party poppers. The snow sprays were held high and when sprayed, they made the soap inside fall like snow.

The party poppers had to be twisted at the end, in which the top would burst open and glitter and confetti would explode out. Our hair had now become decorated with confetti and soap, so we took tissues and cleaned ourselves.
3 large party poppers had been used so by the time everything had ended, the floor was filled with confetti. Everywhere we stepped, it would stick to our sandals, boots and sneakers.

The kids from the other class who knew Chandana sprayed her with snow sprays and she rushed in, screaming and covering her face yelling “Heelppp!!!”. And let’s just say that us others were not helping. Instead, we just held her and allowed the other class to spray her until she looked like Santa Claus. We were practically rolling on the floor and laughing.  


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