'Zucchini' lunch at Steak House

“I think it’s better if I order” Dad said.

He tore his eyes away from the menu.  We shrugged “Ok’’. “I will select something healthy too” said Dad, and then studied the menu carefully.

We were sitting at a table at the restaurant ‘Steak House’ and were wondering about what we had to order.

After 5 minutes, he motioned a waiter to come near. “We will go for some grilled vegetables, and the country fried chicken dinner… Oh and the black rock steak”

Sometime later, the waiter brought us a large plate of grilled vegetables. “This is the healthy food you ordered?” I asked. Dad nodded. “Since we liked grilled vegetables from Smoke House, we will like these too. There will be different varieties of vegetables.”

I poked my fork around the plate and ate 2 mushrooms and then stopped eating.  I felt I had enough vegetables, so I waited for the chicken.

“There is only zucchini mostly. And it’s accompanied with only about 4 mushrooms, 3 carrots and 1 tomato. Do they have a zucchini farm here or what?” Mom grumbled.  I laughed, even though it was true. I could only see zucchini everywhere.

But the country fried chicken and the black rock grilled  steak were great. The steak was simply beef being sizzled on a heavy, hot, black rock.  And accompanied by (drum roll please)………………… ZUCCHINI!!

Mom looked like she was about to faint. That only made me and Dad laugh harder.

We had Warm Chocolate Volcano for desert.

When we walked back to the car, Mom told Dad “Never order anything for us again.”


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