No more floral designs


Two weeks of holidays, starting from tomorrow!

The Hajj holidays are stretching out for two weeks so I have a lot of time to play. Lovely!!

But that doesn’t mean that we can always fool around. I have to do Maths holiday homework and also learn for the FA-3 next month.

But on the first day of the holidays I never study. Today I am planning to beautify my hand with mehndi and nail polish. Yipeeee!!!

The only problem that I have every time is that I can’t get a good design in my head. So usually I end up drawing a flower and decorating it with dots.

When I was younger, I would draw a lot of crazy and weird shapes on my hand. These included a flower, some lines, dots and circles.

Now I am planning to look for easy mehndi designs with the help of my trusted computer.

2 weeks back, Mom’s old college friend, Uncle Anish visited us. Actually he had an important meeting in Riyadh and that’s why he was able to meet us. Mom was really excited.

Today we had a class party in school to celebrate because of the holidays. All of us brought food, so there was ice-cream, pizza, cake, doughnuts, chips, biriyani, Pepsi, chocolates etc.

We also decorated the class and in the end sprayed snow spray. It sprays soap which looks like snow. We have it for every party, so it’s almost like a class tradition.  It fell on our hair, hands and face.  Altogether, we had a great time.

What lovely days!!!!


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