Will the new school be cool?

“Who knows Hindi very well and would like to be in the Hindi skit?”

Our school’s putting on a Hindi skit. I am not good at speaking or writing Hindi, so when the teachers came to our class and asked that question I didn’t say anything.

Even though many of my classmates know Hindi since most of them are from North India, only 2 girls got up, their face beaming.

I am a little nervous to be on stage anyway, I mean God knows if whether I will make a mistake or anything like that.  

But the good thing about the skit was that we got some free periods. On Wednesday we got a free period from Hindi and art.

Our school hasn’t shifted till now. But I do feel a little curious about the new school. Will it have a ground? Will it be spacious? Will it look boring? Many questions filled me even though I knew nobody would be able to answer them without seeing the school first.

My friends are a little curious like me too. We don’t know when we are shifting and that is such a bother.


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