Weekend at Al Khobar

“Vrooom Vrooooooom”, Dad turned the key and the engine came to life with a start.

Since it was Hajj holidays and Dad also had 5 days holidays, we decided to go Al Khobar.

It was a great day and the weather matched perfectly with our moods. It was neither hot nor cold. October was certainly a great month.

Sometime later, we were far from the city and the car sped along the Riyadh - Dammam highway.  The highway cut through the desert until we reached Dammam. It had smooth golden sand which did not have a single foot- print on it. There were some sand-dunes too. Camels or the “ship of the desert” grazed at the areas where there were patches of grass here and there.

Finally when we reached Khobar, we became a little more joyful since we had sat for 4 hours in the car. We were simply longing to stretch our legs.

Our hotel was called the Tulip Inn Sea View. It was a 4-star hotel, but not so good like we expected.  

I went straight into the bedroom and drew the curtains. There was a breath-taking view of the Persian Gulf! You could have stood there for hours and hours.

Afternoon me and Dad had a swim in the hotel pool. 

After we rested, we drove out to the King Fahd causewayThe causeway connected Saudi Arabia and Bahrain through Persian Gulf and there is a man- made island in the middle.

It was awesome. The water of the sea glinted and shone. 

We had our breakfast at a vegetarian restaurant called “Sukh Sagar” on Friday. We all enjoyed the food and we were also surprised because it was the first time we were seeing a vegetarian restaurant in Saudi Arabia.


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