Holiday Infection :(

Even though I have written in some of my entries that Riyadh was boring, there is also one reason I like about it. That is because of Saudi National Day!!!!

Saudi National day is on 23rd September, which is near the weekend. And here the weekend consists of the days Thursday and Friday. So, we get Saturday and Sunday as holidays too! How cool is that?!

Saudi National Day is celebrated because it is the day King Abdu Aziz Al Saud in 1932 concluded the unification of the country.

At first I and my classmates thought that Sunday would be the only day we would get holiday. We were like” Oohhhh Noooooo!!”

But then when we got the slip that said we actually had 2 extra days’ holidays, then pandemonium!

Now I am sitting at home, writing this and stuck with eye infection. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Dad had eye infection too a few days back and I think that now I got it from him!!

Why should I get eye-infection right at the beginning of my holidays?? It’s not every day that Saudi National day is celebrated and we get holidays? And that’s when I have got 3 whole days stretching in front of me!!!!

What would Scooby doo???? I feel so mad, sad and insane!


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