Onam and Kochakka's housewarming

I was dreaming that time. “Wake up” Mom was saying. Suddenly I felt that someone was pushing me. I opened one eye to find that Mom was really waking me up. I dragged myself out of bed.

It was second day of Onam. Kunjunni and Kunjichechi had made me promise that before they went to school, I had to reach their home to make the pookkalam (floral carpet).

So, I quickly chewed my food, and washed it down with a glass of water. 2 mins later, I rode down in the lift and skipped across the road to Valyamma’s home.

Over there, we plucked some leaves from the garden because Valyamma had already bought the flowers. Then we drew the pattern on the ground with a chalk.

We carefully filled the design with the flower petals and leaves, laughing and chattering all the time. We were feeling happy and great. But we were also sad because the next day I was going back to Riyadh.

Valyamma gave me some flowers so that I could make the pookalam in front of my house too. When I reached home, I saw my younger brother, Dev sitting on the sofa and happily playing with a toy Shrek. He is Kochakka’s (uncle Sujesh) son and it was their house-warming that day. They also live in the same building, we are on the 6th floor and they live on the 7th.

Dev sat next to me, watching me carefully as I drew a pattern on the ground. I gave him some petals and asked him to fill a circle. I told him that the petals must not go out of the circle and showed him how to do it. He watched me patiently and then copied me.

Later, I bathed and then wore new clothes and went upstairs.

The puja had finished when I got there, and Kochamma and my Grandma were giving everyone plates and were piling them with sambar, chutney and idlies. Then, we had payasam.

Everyone rested for some time and then we all went to “The Classic Fort” and had lunch there.

All together, it was a busy and wonderful day. 


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